Getting Schooled As An Interviewer

I just wrapped up a full day of interviews at Northwestern University for two separate internships that we have to offer this upcoming summer.

So, why did we decide Northwestern?

  1. The first reason is obvious: You can expect to find some of the best and brightest students in the US. Northwestern is ranked #12 in the US News & World Report for national universities.

  2. The second reason: It’s in our backyard. Even though our employees have the freedom to work from anywhere, being in close proximity makes the recruiting process much easier to focus our interview efforts.

  3. The third reason: The Northwestern staff is incredible. They are extraordinarily collaborative. They work in best interest of their students while making the process easy for employers.

I had the good fortune to interview an incredible pool of candidates. Millennials tend to get a bad rap, but I found them to have great depth and maturity.

Here are the reasons why I am so impressed with this group of young and talented leaders.

  1. Perspective - Many of the candidates I interviewed have international exposure. I find this to be a significant advantage because they are equipped to offer Beatha Group a global perspective on how to help clients across countries and cultures.

  2. Deliberate - I’m not talking about someone focused exclusively on one skill or discipline. Instead, these students seem to understand a way to carve out a niche that creates a unique value while being in high demand.

  3. Authentic - Each candidate offers a raw persona that is both unique and comfortably confident. I find this to be refreshing. Of course, this is a rarity in business where most people are quick to adopt a carbon copy style.

  4. Creative - Beatha Group intentionally places a greater emphasis on the arts than the sciences. These students don’t disappoint. They have a knack for conceptualizing an objective and quickly translating that narrative into a compelling story.

  5. Balanced - Their personal stories are just as interesting as their education and background. They understand that while work is an important part of life, having the right balance in priorities will keep a person whole.

  6. Curious - In a number of cases, the tables were turned. They became the interviewer. In fact, one candidate genuinely challenged our business tactics… and I loved it.

  7. Passionate - Each student has an undeniable zeal for their career. It has less to do with the money, but more to do with purpose. This is further demonstrated in how they leverage their strengths to give back philanthropically.

  8. Innovative - It is clear that our internships attracted these candidates because this is an opportunity for them to sharpen their skills and to push the boundaries of innovation. They all lit up when we explored the potential of technology.

  9. Motivated - It is hard to believe how accomplished these young men and women are at such an early age. Yes, it helps to have a clear direction, but even more impressive is their desire to continue to push beyond their perceived limits.

  10. Unapologetic - This group of candidates has a knack for identifying the absurdities in life. That’s right. We need a whole generation to challenge current business practices and not feel bad about it. It will strengthen our companies and improve the way in which we serve.

So, am I encouraged by the millennial generation? Absolutely! They each taught me something new. An ironic twist of fate when you’re the actual interviewer!

What is important to you when hiring someone?