Onboard Without Using The F-Word

We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding last week’s blog - Knock, knock Senior Care. Google is at the door. Clearly, we are not alone in thinking Google has a compelling set of offerings for Senior Care. One common request we have received from our readers is to provide a specific use case scenario that could help our senior living and post-acute care providers.

You bet! Here’s a simple yet important one:

Did you ever think you could have a new hire complete their on-boarding process exclusively from their smart phone? Good news… you can with Google G Suite. This is certainly beneficial if you are opening a new community or your HR team is inundated with rehiring efforts due to high turnover.

It no longer requires a team to support onboarding efforts nor do you have to kill anymore trees with mounting paper piles. Let’s also hope you aren’t using the f-word around the office either. For our millennials, I am referring to a fax machine.

First, let’s define G Suite for anyone unfamiliar. G Suite is a set of intelligent apps—Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more that can be used to improve communication and collaboration. The price ranges from $5-10 per user/month. This price is all-inclusive for every app in the G Suite platform. No incremental costs are necessary. In other words, the functionality for your new, mobile-friendly onboarding process is included in the cost of your employee’s email address.

Here are some of the ways to utilize G Suite for your onboarding efforts:

Drive - Each of your new hires will receive their own cloud-based Drive pre-loaded with all relevant documentation, e.g. the employee handbook. This is incredibly helpful as it becomes a single destination for all personalized onboarding material. Thus, bypassing the need to find attachments buried in countless emails.

Sheets - As a hiring manager, have you ever wondered how your new hire is progressing with their onboarding checklist? Sheets allows you to see real time updates directly from Drive. Of course, this entirely avoids the need to engage in the typical “hot potato” email exchange for status updates.

HangOuts - Did you hire a remote clinician that is out of state, yet they don’t have a travel budget to attend new hire orientation? No problem. HangOuts is a unified communication service that allows members to participate in text, voice/video chats, either one-on-one or in a group. This can extend into real time document sharing and collaboration to step new hires through relevant material from any web browser.

YouTube - Put your training on auto-pilot. Create video content once and redeploy as necessary. This could include a welcome from your CEO, compliance training or helpful onboarding tips such as setting up a printer or how to book a conference room. Your employees are always just one click away in case they need a refresher!

Keep - Does your new hire have a question that requires input and actions from a cross-functional team yet there is no easy way to track the to-do’s for each team member? Keep is a simple way to create and track shared tasks across teams. It also has seamless integration with Google Calendar if a fellow colleague requires a time-based reminder or a “friendly” nudge.

Forms - This can be used in a number of ways, however, our favorite is surveys. We are big believers in having ongoing, real-time feedback. Forms allows you to create simple surveys, send them to a specific group (e.g. November new hires) and collect all responses immediately. Responses are viewed in a Sheet where you can immediately see trends by using graphs and charts.

Sites - Now that your new hire is fully onboard, is there a single portal for all relevant business information? We really like to leverage the Sites capabilities as a company intranet site. It’s a terrific way to keep tabs on company news, access an employee directory, access relevant benefits information and FAQ’s behind your company firewall.

Sound easy and inexpensive? It is. It just requires imagination and a structured plan to deliver. We practice what we preach here at Beatha Group. Google G Suite has been one of the best decisions we’ve made when architecting our cloud-based infrastructure. It strikes right at the heart of our core values - simplicity and sustainability.

As always, let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you. Better yet, let us know if we can help you with your onboarding efforts or exploring any other use cases with G Suite.