Ok Google, Create An Incredible Resident Experience

I’m sure you have picked up the trend by now if you have been following my blog over the last few weeks. I’ve written extensively on how the Senior Care industry can leverage Google G Suite beyond what you would expect from the typical email, calendar, etc. Last week, I wrote about how G Suite can significantly improve communication and collaboration across a business. Two weeks ago, I described how to utilize G Suite when onboarding a new hires entirely from a smartphone. This week is no different. I would like to discuss how you can use G Suite to improve a resident experience while increasing operational efficiency.

There are a number of emerging platforms in the senior living space that provide software and hardware solutions to drive a better resident experience. Let me be clear, there are some great solutions out there. However, we at Beatha Group tend to fall back on our values. We like to leverage platforms that offer simple solutions and provide sustainable value into the future. In other words, we like to leverage those platforms that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

If you are considering a move to improve your resident experience, we think Google has something compelling to offer.

Here are just some of the many ways G Suite might help you:

Do you need a centralized intranet site to act as a virtual concierge for your residents?

Google Sites is a simple and flexible app that allows you to create a tailored intranet experience. Here is some example content you could include in your intranet site: community news, local attractions and events, staff and resident directories, monthly activity schedule and community FAQ’s.

Are your residents looking to expand their network to share interests (wine-making, music, etc.) with like-minded individuals in other communities?

Google+ is a terrific app designed to create virtual groups with shared interests. Your staff and residents can utilize Google+ to ask questions and share ideas with other communities. What better way can you demonstrate a real community experience beyond the confines of the physical nature of a building?

Are you looking for a cloud-based repository to share best practices across your communities?

Google Drive will act as a repository where your culinary team can share those award-winning recipes and menus with their peers in other communities. Google Drive can also help leverage your economies of scale when managing your life enrichment programs. You can create shareable folders for event calendars, activity checklists, etc.

Do you need a dynamic board in your lobby to post real time content for your residents?

Google Docs has a template gallery that you can utilize to easily create content for daily events, activities, and menus. For a one time charge of $25, you can use Google Chromecast to show your content in a slideshow format on any flat screen display.

Are you looking for an easy way to measure resident satisfaction with your dining experience and life enrichment activities?

Google Forms are a simple, user friendly way to create elegant surveys with a set of flexible features. The results will automatically populate a Google Sheet that will generate graphs and charts based on the data returned. This is especially helpful if you are trying to measure departmental effectiveness in a standardized fashion across multiple communities.

Does Google offer something for our residents that may not be comfortable or able to use a traditional user interface like remotes or iPads?

Google Home is an innovative new voice-activated assistant that interfaces directly G Suite and a number of other IoT devices. It has no physical user interface. Instead, it interprets our natural language. Say good morning to Google Home, and it will tell you the time, weather, your daily calendar, and summarize the news from NPR. Feeling sluggish today? Google will adjust your thermostat and turn your lights on/off. Would you like to listen to Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album? No problem, it will stream it directly from Google Play. Can’t find the remote? Google Home will soon be able to stream any program from Netflix via Chromecast directly to your TV. Concerned about your weekly groceries? You can tell Google Home what to put on your shopping list then request an Uber to get a lift to the local grocery store.

Sound far fetched? It isn’t. I know this because I tested these features out for myself over the weekend after picking up a Google Home for $129. It is incredible.

As you can see, the convergence of Google G Suite, Chromecast and Home can create a powerful experience for your residents. More importantly, it can be equally compelling to your business. Its Inexpensive, incredibly intuitive, and scalable.

Let us know what you think. Beatha Group would be happy to explore this further with your team!