We help clients position their business for the future by identifying the right investments that achieves both short and long term goals.


Business Strategy

"Strategy means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value" – Michael Porter, Harvard Business School. Whether our clients are establishing a new business, or are considering to hit the reset button, we can help develop a comprehensive strategy. This offering will assess industry trends and capitalize on market opportunities while leveraging their strengths to gain a distinct competitive advantage. We often say that strategy should prove Pareto’s principle, in other words, 80% of the effect should come from 20% of the cause.

Strategic Planning

Companies often struggle with their strategic planning processes. This can be a challenge when attempting to translate those broader business imperatives into meaningful daily activities that move the needle. Beatha Group helps clients strengthen their processes by developing a broader strategic calendar with interim checkpoints to ensure all critical initiatives are advancing the cause. We can also assist with the tactics by developing clear project plans, as well as, predictive analytics to hold the collective team accountable.

Digital Strategy

One common marketing pitfall that we often encounter is with a "digital island". That is to say, that the organization has a difficult time establishing a direct connection to the broader business imperatives. A digital strategy should be a logical extension to any growth agenda. It has to clearly establish a target audience. The narrative must resonate with the businesses constituency. The content should be valuable and distributed across multiple relevant channels. Most importantly, every business should expect to follow established measures to ensure their organization is on path to reach the ultimate business objectives.

Other offerings

  • Strategy Audit
  • Growth & Innovation
  • M&A Integration
  • Organization Design
  • Market Development