Beatha is Irish for 'life, that sustains us’. 

Beatha Group was founded on the notion that life should be viewed through a sustainable lens.  

Unfortunately, we live in a world where misfortune and circumstance often get in the way. Healthcare alone has become one of these obstacles. While today’s healthcare paradigm is well-intended, it is far too costly and complex for individuals to experience this reality.

Beatha Group is deeply passionate and undeniably committed for a better future. However, much has to change in order for every individual to see the day where personalized, affordable care will allow them to pursue their dreams.

We have a simple missionbuild thriving communities. With this purpose, we can achieve our vision. Create an environment of choice that allows individuals to reach their ultimate potential.

Beatha Group is a movement that remains intently focused on the end game by solving one problem at a time.  


We believe a simple solution can often be described as elegant.  Our clients tend to agree. In other words, they appreciate a simple answer to their problem rather than lengthy deliverables that more often than not fall short of the objective. We attribute our success to a few core tenets - work with the end in mind, be nimble enough to rapidly iterate and encourage open collaboration to shape the solution.

We take great pride in being incredibly lean. This strict dogma follows one simple rule, outsource everything that isn’t directly aligned with our core competencies. Our operations are built on a cloud-based environment with virtual automation. We also conduct monthly internal audits to minimize all possible distractions. This ongoing commitment allows our team the ability to be entirely present for our clients.


Despite good intention, most consulting engagements tend to fall flat during the transition phase. Why? The parties involved often see the engagement as merely a transaction. We prefer to align ourselves with like-minded clients that appreciate the benefits associated with long-term partnerships. Therefore, we only take on clients that share in our passion and belief that there is a better way than settling for the status quo.

We take sustainable living very seriously.  This is rooted in our stewardship for the natural environment as well as how we care for the team. It’s exhibited in our business practices from the zero-footprint (or home office) policy down to the recycled paper we use to print business cards. We also emphasize the importance of whole-life balance. This commitment encourages team members to take necessary breaks even it it means a mid-day yoga class or a run along the lake.

One Percent

We pledge 1% of our annual sales to grassroot initiatives that provide simple and sustainable solutions. It is awarded to those local organizations that tirelessly work every day, but are too often overlooked.

One Week

We volunteer one week annually with organizations that could benefit from our skills and expertise. We encourage our families to join us as this pro bono work as it offers a terrific learning experience for our children.

One Voice

We host a monthly YouTube podcast that explores how the latest innovations can address the challenges that seniors face on a daily basis.  All proceeds generated are donated to local senior centers.

Patrick Crotty

Founder & President

Patrick is a seasoned veteran with a passion for innovation. He has spent a career working across the entire healthcare continuum. Patrick partnered with a number of US health systems while working for GE Healthcare followed by his experience as an operator in post-acute care. Patrick attributes his intense discipline to his years as a management consultant with Ernst & Young. This experience proved to be extraordinarily beneficial as it established the very foundation that differentiates Beatha Group.

His idealistic journey led him to start Beatha Group. He believes in being incredibly pragmatic while taking a solution-centric approach. Patrick will tell you the key in building sustainable relationships requires two critical factors - deliver quantifiable value and knowing your role. Depending on your client’s situation, you may need to be a utility player or simply a trusted advisor.

Patrick is a devoted husband and father to four children.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading and is an avid triathlete.  In fact, he has competed in six triathlons in the last two seasons including two half-ironman distances.